INEOS welcomes GMB and UKOOG landmark agreement on shale gas.

The GMB and UKOOG have today announced a landmark agreement and joint charter acknowledging that gas will have a key role in the UK’s future energy supply and the move to a low carbon economy. 

As part of this agreement, the GMB has committed to doing all it can to ensure that British manufacturers benefit from the development of the Shale gas industry. 

INEOS is currently the third biggest owner of Shale gas licenses in the UK and is applying for many more. It has also committed to share the benefits with the local communities. 

INEOS welcomes the GMB’s clear and unequivocal statement. A strong indigenous UK Shale gas industry will help support UK manufacturing, create and guarantee jobs and ensure long term security of supply for this country.   

Gary Haywood, CEO of INEOS Shale, says, “The GMB has always been forward looking in this area and understands the importance of a UK Shale gas industry for UK jobs and UK manufacturing. We would call on other unions to follow the GMB’s lead and acknowledge the tremendous benefits that a safe and well regulated indigenous Shale gas industry can offer.” 


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