INEOS Welcomes new survey showing more people support fracking than oppose it in the UK

In March a Com Res survey sponsored by Greenpeace asked 2,035 British adults about their views on fracking. INEOS today welcomes the results which clearly show that the UK public is increasingly supportive of Shale gas exploration in the UK.


Fracking is a process by which natural gas is extracted for energy production from underground by drilling a hole, creating a tiny explosion to fracture the rock and then injecting water, sand and chemicals at high pressure to allow gas to be released. To what extent would you support or oppose energy companies fracking for natural gas in Britain?

Support = 42%

Oppose = 35%

Don't know = 23%

*sample size 2,035 adults

INEOS Director, Tom Crotty, says: "We welcome the Com Res survey results. It clearly shows that more and more people are seeing the potentially huge benefits of UK produced Shale gas.

UK Shale gas is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we cannot afford to miss. North Sea oil created great wealth for the UK and shale gas can do the same. It will help secure manufacturing, deliver investment and create thousands of jobs.

INEOS will continue with our community engagement programme, aiming to speak directly to as many people as possible about this important issue and dispel as many of the untruths and the myths about Shale gas production as possible."


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