Tom Crotty talks to Ian King live on Sky News 29 September 2014


Tom Crotty talks to Ian King live on Sky News to discuss INEOS' plan to give 6% of its Shale gas revenues to homeowners, landowners & communities close to its gas wells.


Media contacts: 

Richard Longden (INEOS)                 0041 21 627 7063 or 0041 7996 26123

Mark Killick (Media Zoo)                    020 7384 6980 or 07836 634449

Andrew McLachlan (Media Zoo)        020 7384 6980 or 07931 377162

Hannah Brandstaetter (Media Zoo)   020 7384 6980 or 07896 776554


Editor's notes:

*INEOS plans that 6% of the Shale gas extracted from every well will be sold and the proceeds given directly to the home owners, land owners and local communities close to the development.

**All figures are gross and without the deduction of tax which is a matter for the Treasury. Figures assume that gas production is comparable to typical shale gas wells in the USA.

*** The single Marcellus shale gas field in the USA produces over twice as much gas as the UK consumes and UK reserves are estimated to be significantly greater than this.

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