1851 Trust

INEOS Hygienics works with the 1851 Trust on 'Go Humans Academy'; a year-round, digital content series to support people to live better, longer.

Over 50% of UK youth (12-18) struggle with confidence.
The fallout from cost-of-living pressures and mounting mental health challenges are key contributors to this ever growing problem.
The INEOS Go Humans Academy was launched to address the ‘confidence crisis’, designed specifically to support UK’s youth through a whole-life programme that brings together the latest in mental and physiological fitness, neurobiology, and emotional health thinking. The INEOS Go Humans Academy was created to help people across the UK to perform at their best – and to handle anything life throws their way
Launched on 25 January 2023, alongside the 1851 Trust, the new digital series is divided into three-month-long masterclasses, tailor made to touch on the different hardships impacting everyday life. 
Working with education charity, the 1851 Trust, INEOS has adapted a version of the INEOS Go Humans Academy to support young people in secondary education, with masterclass videos, tutor time activities and PSHE lesson plans – available at stemcrew.org/gohumansacademy.
Please note: the educational life skills programme is now in 2% of all classrooms nationally (within the UK).

Known for its partnership with elite sports teams, sportsmen and women, The INEOS Go Humans Academy is continuing to work alongside top (INEOS) athletes to encompass self-care, wellbeing, fitness, and creativity within the programme – some of these mentors being: 

  • All Blacks, New Zealand National Rugby Team
  • INEOS Britannia CREW
  • Kimberley Wilson (chartered psychologist and nutritionist)
  • Harry Jameson (wellbeing expert and personal trainer)
  • Jordan Stephens (Musician, actor, presenter, author, and campaigner)
  • Dr Michaela Litchmore-Dunbar (renowned clinical psychologist)


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