INEOS Enterprises Businesses

INEOS Enterprises is a global market leader in the production of intermediate chemicals including speciality composites, solvents and pigments.


INEOS Enterprises

INEOS Enterprises comprises a portfolio of a number of discrete business units.

INEOS Composites

INEOS Composites is a global leader in Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Vinyl Ester Resins and Gelcoats.

INEOS Compounds

INEOS Compounds is Europe's principle PVC compounds manufacturer at the forefront of PVC technology.

INEOS Joliet

INEOS Joliet is a key producer of chemical intermediates including Purified Isophthalic Acid, Trimellitic Anhydride and Maleic Anhydride.



INEOS KOH is one of the newest chemical manufacturers under the INEOS banner. Based within the United States, INEOS KOH specialise in producing high-grade potassium and chlorine products.

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INEOS Pigments

INEOS Pigments is one of the largest producers of Titanium Dioxide in North America & the principle producer of Titanium Chemicals.

INEOS Solvents

INEOS Solvents is one of the key producers of oxygenated solvents in Europe, as well as producing fine chemicals and plasticizers.