INEOS is committed to monitoring and reducing its waste footprint and safely managing its hazardous waste to protect the natural environment, comply with national regulations, and conserve resources.  

As a partner in the transition to a circular economy, INEOS plays its role in optimising resources and eliminating waste where possible. We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our operations on air, soil, and water and we strive to minimise the consumption of virgin materials and the volume of waste generated through our activities.

Across INEOS we seek to optimise resource efficiency and minimise waste at our sites by following the principles of the waste hierarchy: reduce, reuse, recycle, recover (energy). In 2022, 18% of all waste generated at our sites was recycled or reused, and another 20% was sent for energy recovery.

Our sites have environmental management systems in place in line with ISO 14001 to identify and implement opportunities to reduce material consumption and valorise waste and by-products.