This summary of maintenance events that are disclosed on this page are primarily those that could impact the operation of FPS Customers and in addition may have the potential to significantly affect the prices of certain "wholesale energy products".

2020 Shutdown


INEOS FPS has today responded to requests from customers and delayed its planned summer shut down of the Forties Pipeline System, at Cruden Bay and at the Unity platform. The decision has been taken in the face of the growing Corona Virus pandemic and the need to avoid bringing together large numbers of people. INEOS will continue to work with our Government and customers to provice more information as soon as is practical.


Planned FPS maintenance (updated 17th March 2020)

Given the current COVID-19 issues, the Train 3 TAR will be deferred from end March until later this year 

Planned FPS maintenance (updated 27th February 2020)


Train 3 TAR: 10-12 weeks, starting 29th March.  Impact on throughput subject to actual customer demand.  Potential restrictions due to reduced gas handling capacity.

Pipeline / Kinneil entry facilities (3 weeks): 16th June to 6th July.  Impact : FPS System Shutdown, all FPS Users.

GAEL Pig receiver valves replacement (ca. 32 days), 16th June to 17th July.  Impact : GAEL Users.

Usual statutory checks (1Q, 3Q) - Unity, Forties Charlie, Cruden Bay.  Minor (hours duration) impact.

KLPG / Old Lock Berth Outage: 11 days, 3Q.  Impact : no import or export of C3 or C4.



No TAR activity on Trains 1, 2 or 3 currently forecast.

Usual statutory checks (1Q, 3Q) - Unity, Forties Charlie, Cruden Bay.

KLPG TAR / Old Lock Berth Outage: start date 2Q/3Q tbc, duration tbc, first outage since start up.  Impact : no import or export of C3 or C4.



Usual statutory checks (1Q, 3Q) - Unity, Forties Charlie, Cruden Bay and KLPG/Old Lock Berth.

No major operational activity currently planned in 2022.



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