La Porte


La Porte

The La Porte site sits on approximately 12 acres. It consists of three production trains used to manufacture polyalphaolefins (PAO), marketed under the Durasyn® brand name for use as synthetic lubricants. The two original production trains produce 21 different products to meet specific customer applications. Construction of the site’s third production train was completed in Q2 2017. The new world class unit produces high viscosity PAO products for use in a variety of markets.

The PAO manufacturing process is divided into four operations: reaction, quench and wash, hydrogenation and product separation, which result in the production of a range of PAO grades. Our markets are growing worldwide, and our objective is to transform this growth into the development of our business and the La Porte site. The La Porte site services markets worldwide with shipments via railcar, truck, barge and ship. Our quality system is certified to the ISO-9001 standard as a testament to our operational philosophy of ensuring the right quality the first time all the time.

Operating At This Site

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