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INOVYN's site at Rheinberg (Germany) was established to expand the existing business of Deutsche Solvay Werke (built in 1907).

The site's PVC unit was first started in 1958 and was quickly followed by investments in an electrolysis cell room, a manufacturing unit for allyl products as well as a VCM plant. Sitting on approximately 80 hectares, the site is based in the "Niederrhein" region well located near to the Rhine and close to the “Ruhrgebiet”, with access to local rock salt feedstocks. Today, Rheinberg site has a fully integrated VCM-PVC chain and also a fully integrated chain from electrolysis to allyl products. The site manufactures more than 1.3 million tonnes of chemicals each year. Products are PVC, epichlorohydrin, allylchloride, caustic soda and di-polyglycerin. These products find use as raw materials in a wide range of industries from food and agriculture, automobiles and electronics, to construction and renewable energy. The site is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 for quality, environmental and energy management.

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The chlorvinyls supplier of choice for manufacturers around the world

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  • Ludwigstrasse 12
  • 47495 Rheinberg
  • Germany
  • +49 28439050