Bio-based & Circular Products

INEOS' businesses have introduced bio-based feedstocks into a range of bio-attributed polymers and chemicals. At all INEOS sites offering such products, each step in the supply chain has been fully certified by ISCC or RSB. In both cases the final product carries an attribution according to the displacement of fossil fuel-derived raw materials.

These sustainable products are introduced by our businesses into a range of polymers and chemicals, following the mass balance approach.

  • For example, instead of using fossil-based carbon to produce polyolefins and PVC, INEOS is using UPM BioVerno, a sustainable raw material from a renewable residue of wood pulp production. The carbon footprint of these bio-attributed materials can be up to 90% lower than conventionally made products. One of these products includes BIOVYNTM, the world's first commercially available bio-attributed PVC, produced by INOVYN and certified by RSB.
  • Our Styrolux ECO and Styroflex ECO resins products enabling the substitution of traditional styrene with a certified bio-attributed styrene. Over their production lifecycle, our ECO resins provide GHG savings compared to a fossil-derived equivalent.

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