INEOS’ main raw materials derive from natural gas and crude oil, which contain the hydrogen and carbon molecules we need to make many vital chemical products.

As well as using natural gas to make ammonia, for instance, we use ethane derived from natural gas in our steam crackers to produce ethylene, which is the building block for a wide range of our chemicals. Similarly, we use materials derived from crude oil, such as naphtha that we crack to produce ethylene, and aromatics that we use to make many of our chemicals and plastics.

INEOS recognises that fossil resources are limited and valuable, and yet they often end up in landfill or incineration. Extracting these resources also has a significant environmental footprint. This is of particular concern in value chains where resources are used in short-lived applications, such as single-use plastic items. INEOS is committed to using raw materials as efficiently as possible and transitioning to renewable and recycled materials, when available and affordable, so we can continue to make products of vital importance to modern life, while minimising our environmental impact.