Electrode Coatings

CHLORCOAT™ Anode & Cathode Coatings For All Membrane Cell Electrolyser Technologies

Proven to maximise electrolyser performance

All electrode coatings are not the same, and we’ve developed our proprietary CHLORCOAT coatings to make sure you get the best from your electrolyser. By contributing to reduced power consumption and lower operational costs over your electrolyser’s lifetime, CHLORCOAT coatings out-perform alternative coatings and are backed by industry-leading warranties for long-lasting peace of mind.


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Cathode Coatings

Provide resistance to impurity poisoning, reverse currents at shut-down and up to 16 year warranties

  • Electrocatalytically promotes H2 evolution at low voltage
  • CHLORCOAT contains precious metals for resistance to key life-limiting events
  • Over potential occurs when additional voltage is generated by the surface resistance of a coating. Trials have proven that CHLORCOAT cathode coatings demonstrate superior performance over time
  • Our cathode coatings lose no catalyst when subjected to reverse current, unlike alternative coatings, making them resistant to adverse shutdown conditions
  • Supplied with an industry-leading 8 or 16 year coating warranty as standard, subject to coating selection

Anode Coatings

Deliver up to 20mV energy savings, low chlorate & high alkali wear resistance

  • For the electrocatalytic promotion of Cl2 evolution at low voltage
  • Low over potential - In trials CHLORCOAT over-potential is up to 20mV lower than alternative coatings at 6kA/m2, saving up to 14kWh/te NaOH
  • Superior alkali wear performance - Tests indicate alkali wear resistance of CHLORCOAT coatings is up to 20% better than other anode coatings
  • Lower exit brine chlorate values - our anode coating range includes a ‘low chlorate’ coating. In operation with pH7 brine, ‘per pass’ increase in exit brine chlorate values are 16% less than alternative coatings, reducing downstream treatment
  • Up to 12 year warranties available as standard

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