INEOS Calabrian

Leading manufacturer of ultra-pure sulfur dioxide and derivatives (SMBS, SBS, STS). We are using unique proprietary process that results in ultra-pure  products with a very low environmental footprint.


Exceptional Purity and a Low Environmental Footprint

INEOS Calabrian is the leading North American manufacturer of on-purpose sulfur dioxide. Its proprietary SOClean® process has been successfully and safely applied for more than three decades with sites in Port Neches, Texas, and Timmins, Ontario.   The conventional method for manufacturing SO2 is to burn sulfur using ambient air. Instead, INEOS Calabrian reacts sulfur and pure oxygen. Since pure oxygen is more sterile than ambient air, the SOClean® process results in ultra-pure SO2. The efficiency of the SOClean® process helps companies meet rising corporate responsibility and sustainability targets. 

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