Not to be taken too seriously!!

One of the world’s top 40 manufacturing companies, one of the largest global petrochemical producers and the biggest private company in the UK, INEOS has risen to prominence over the past twenty years led by three unassuming northern grammar school boys: majority owner Jim Ratcliffe and his business partners Andy Currie and John Reece.

The company’s prolific growth and unlikely success have reshaped the industry, through its first two decades have been punctuated by close calls and hard lessons, as well as unprecedented highs. As they celebrate the company’s twentieth anniversary and continued evolution, Ratcliffe and his management team have opened up on the major junctions of the INEOS journey and their insights into business and management in a new book coming out soon to be entitled The Alchemists.

This film is a rather more irreverent look back at that eventful twenty years......