INEOS Aromatics Zhuhai achieves energy efficiency recognition for fourth year in succession

INEOS Aromatics in Zhuhai, China, has been named as an ‘Energy Efficiency Leader’ and benchmark enterprise in the PTA industry by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in Beijing, for the fourth year in succession, making it the only PTA producer to receive the accolade for four consecutive years.

The business produces and sells purified terephthalic acid (or PTA), the preferred raw material for the production of polyester fiber, packaging resin and film – these are used to manufacture clothing, home textiles, packaging materials, optical films and other livelihood and industrial supplies in the economically important Guangdong Province.

The use of INEOS Aromatics’ world-leading PTA technology ensures that the energy consumption level of its products is always at the forefront of the industry - the Zhuhai plant is in fact so efficient that it’s a net exporter of electricity to the grid. As a low carbon producer, the business has responded to calls for more sustainable solutions to the development of the polyester industry chain, helping customers to neutralize their own carbon emissions.

Since its establishment, INEOS Aromatics in Zhuhai has grown alongside other upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises, supporting the development of the region into the largest polyester production base in South China.

The Zhuhai Industrial Development Plan references the ‘core’ role for INEOS’ PTA in the environmentally sustainable expansion into new downstream materials including new polyester, multi-functional staple fiber and high-performance polyester materials.

As well as Zhuhai, China, INEOS Aromatics’ differentiating PTA technology has also been installed in its production facilities in Geel, Belgium, Cooper River, USA, and most recently Merak, Indonesia. The business is also piloting the use of polyester recycling technology, Infinia, that could make difficult-to-recycle polyester plastic waste infinitely recyclable. As a result, INEOS Aromatics in Zhuhai will continue to vigorously promote the sustainable development of the whole industry chain in China.

Alongside the signature of three back-to-back deals worth a combined value of $7bn with SINOPEC, this reinforces INEOS’ commitment to the region’s economic development.

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