INEOS is a leading global supplier of the resins and gelcoats that make engineered materials, such as solid surface, cultured marble, and engineered quartz a possibility.

The impact of these materials on designers and end-users alike is far reaching. Engineered materials allow for limitless design styles with a wide variety of color and patterns in counters and surfaces. The surfaces can be tailored to fit any size and space and are non-porous, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. 

Our products are the result of working closely with designers, manufacturers and fabricators to deliver materials that not only meet specific needs, but also perform at the highest level.

Polaris™ SS solid surface resin solutions deliver on two fronts. They resist stains to keep the finished surface beautiful and they create non-porous surfaces, which leads to a healthier product – key for kitchen and bathroom counters. Polaris™ resins will produce void-free solid surfaces that exceed ANSI 124.6 testing requirements for stain and chemical resistance.

Polaris™ MR marble and onyx resins are the long-established work horses of the engineered and cultured marble industry. The Polaris™ MR resins provide for high filler loadings, easy wet-out of fillers, fast green strength development and quick demold times without cracking and warping. They can be processed under highly variable temperature and humidity conditions and are widely recognized for their excellent batch-to-batch consistency and processing.

Enguard™ products contain specifically tailored polymer resins blended with a selective group of colorants and additives to impart the reliable protection expected by the fabricator for in-mold coating of fiber-reinforced and cast polymers. Several Enguard™ gelcoat products are available through our unique auto-adjust Instint™ color tinting service.