Pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process utilized to produce lengths of structural shapes with constant cross sections.

The process involves pulling reinforcing media, such as continuous glass fiber strand through a polymer resin and then curing the composite in a heated die. This continuous pultrusion operation can be readily automated and allows for low labor involvement. High fiber loadings can yield structural shapes with very good structural properties.  Examples of pultruded items include beams, channels, pipe, window lineals, tool handles, panels and rebar.

As a leading global supplier of the resin binders used in pultrusion applications, INEOS is committed to developing innovative product solutions that meet industry needs.  Today, our product offerings include a wide range of Aropol™ polyester resins. In addition, INEOS has developed the leading vinyl ester resin offerings with our Hetron™ and Modar™ branded products, which are specifically designed for pultrusion.