Rail (FR Retardance)

Fire retardant thermoset composites made with Hetron™ and Modar™ resins provide tremendous design flexibility and lightweight advantages to designers and engineers in mass transit applications.

Both accept the addition of fillers, such as alumina trihydrate or ground marble, to improve fire retardance, cosmetic properties or the economics of finished composites. Composites made with Ineos resins are particularly attractive because of the ease with which they can be processed as well as their ability to meet mass transit requirements as measured by ASTM E 662, E 162 EN 45545 and EN 13501.

Modar™ and Hetron™ fire retardant resins have been used to mold composites for mass transit applications such as buses, subway cars, rail passenger cars and people movers for more than 60 years. Composite components include:

  • Interior / exterior panels and doors
  • Roofs
  • Seating
  • Sleeper compartments
  • Third rail covers
  • Lavatory compartments