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INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst At A Glance


Develop and supply polyolefins catalysts and technical support for a large variety of PE and PP process technologies






Sarralbe (France), Dahej (India), Lavéra (France), Brussels (Belgium), Houston (USA), Rosignano (Italy)

Vision & Values

INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst is a customer-focused company. Its ambition is to be the supplier of choice to its customers.

Our Key Values

  1. Excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental performance. As all INEOS businesses, our absolute first priority is HSE and we have best in class track records in that field.
  2. Sustainability is core to our business. We pledge our full support to help create a circular economy by developing environmentally friendly highly efficient catalytic systems enabling better plastic recyclability and higher performance. As an example, we have developed a full range of non-phthalate PP catalysts and are working on a new generation of Clean catalysts for PE leading to less VOC and oligomer production.
  3. Continuous improvement to become a cost effective producer of high quality products. Our manufacturing sites have ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditations and are operating under strict on line/on site QC control.
  4. Encouragement of innovation, entrepreneurship and reward for achievement
  5. Empowerment of employees to create added value for our customers and our company




A brief history of our business purchases and achievements.

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INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst

Catalyst Offer

The INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst business supplies INcat catalysts worldwide for use in polyethylene and polypropylene processes.

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INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst

Technical Services

The tailored technical service programs are dependent upon the technology platform and the needs of the licence.

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INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst

Research and Development

INEOS scientists and engineers are focused on delivering innovative solutions to meet the needs of customers and the wider industry.

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