The INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst business supplies INcat catalysts worldwide for use in polyethylene and polypropylene processes. These catalysts deliver optimum product properties with low operating costs and operational simplicity.

While the INcat catalyst portfolio has been optimised for performance in the Innovene ™  technology platforms, the catalysts potentially also provide significant advantages to other polymerization technologies.

INEOS is continually improving the technical capabilities of the INcat portfolio. With a broad selection of catalyst solutions available, commercial and technical representatives regularly meet with customers to discuss the optimum catalyst technology for their present and future needs.



The INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst business offers an extensive range of catalyst systems for use in the Innovene ™  G and Innovene ™  S PE processes and also potentially for use in other technology platforms.

The INcat polyethylene catalyst portfolio includes:

  • INcat SDX and Novacat Ziegler-Natta catalysts for use in gas phase PE reactors. These deliver a wide range of narrow molecular weight LLDPE and HDPE products.
  • INcat MT Ziegler-Natta catalysts for use in slurry phase PE reactors. These enable the manufacture of a wide range of narrow molecular weight HDPE products These catalysts are also used for the production of best in class bimodal grades.

These catalysts are used worldwide and are supplied by INEOS, ready for use. The catalysts can be injected directly into the Innovene ™  PE polymerization reactor and do not need a capital-intensive, pre-polymerization step.


INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst offers the INcat CDi and INcat P series catalysts for the Innovene ™  PP process and also potentially for use in other technology platforms. Each INcat catalyst has tailored physical properties and chemistry to ensure optimum performance is achieved.

The INcat polypropylene catalyst portfolio includes:

  • INcat CDi, a high performance Ziegler-Natta catalyst, that in combination with a unique set of modifiers, enables the production of a broad range of PP products. INcat CDi, and its predecessor INcat CD catalyst, have been used worldwide creating a combined production of over 3 million tonnes of polypropylene annually.
  • INcat P100 is a new catalyst that is targeted as a broad product coverage general purpose PP catalyst for situations where a customer is focusing on minimising introduced cost and seeking operational simplicity.
  • INcat P420 and P440 are designed to deliver enhanced product capability using non- phthalate based catalysts. P440 is used for general purpose applications and P420 is used for production of advanced ICP applications while providing high catalyst yields.