Product Innovation

Incorporating recycled and renewable content

INEOS has launched more than 30 product grades that contain over 50% recycled content. Many of these products match the performance of new materials. This includes our Recycl-IN range of mechanically recycled polyolefins that compound recycled plastic waste with highly engineered virgin resins, as well as our Terluran ECO range of mechanically recycled ABS–both of which offer drop-in performance with up to 70% recycled content. We have also launched a mechanically recycled polystyrene with 100% recycled content behind a functional barrier that makes it suitable for food contact applications.

Designing for circularity

Plastics have many beneficial properties and make a significant contribution to modern life but currently only about 20% of plastic waste is recycled globally.

As a plastics producer, INEOS recognises that designing products to be recyclable is an essential part of the solution to improving recycling rates and reducing end-of-life impacts.

We have pledged to ensure that all our polymers are recyclable by 2025. Through our Design for Recycling initiative, we are working with value chain partners to develop mono-material plastic applications that are easier to recycle. We are investing in Machine Direction Orientation technology to produce recyclable films using fewer polymers and we are switching to carbon-free pigments in our black plastics that can be detected by sorting facilities.