To meet the rapidly-changing business and product needs in the automotive and light-truck world, INEOS Composites works with OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, molders, and compounders to develop innovative material solutions. INEOS Composites offers products for multiple fabrication processes (SMC, BMC, RTM, PCM, LCM, pultrusion), and provides analytical and technical services to characterize, validate, and optimize the materials and processes. Key auto/truck applications that benefit from the use of composites include:

Body and Closure Panels

Arotran™ resin systems offer superior surface smoothness and problem-free paintability for a wide variety of exterior body parts such as hoods, roofs, liftgates, doors, spoilers, running-boards, and fenders. With Arotran™ based SMCs, mass savings of 20-50% are typical (compared to sheet metal) in addition to styling flexibility and superior rust- and ding/dent-resistance.

Powertrain, Energy Storage, and Underhood

INEOS Composites’ Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resins have been successfully used for SMC/BMC engine covers, oil pans, radiator supports, heat shields, battery enclosures, and structural supports for over 40 years! Key benefits include high mechanical properties, heat and flame resistance, dimensional stability, and rapid molding cycle times.

Structural and Chassis

Arotran™ and Derakane™ resin systems can be utilized in structural auto/truck applications that require high strengths, high stiffness, and durability in a range of operating conditions. Typical applications include bumper beams, cross-members, body-structure reinforcements, wiper-system carriers, headlamp supports, sub-frames, front-end bolsters, and underbody impact/aero/heat shields. The resin systems are mass- and cost-effective, and can be utilized with glass, basalt, or carbon fibers.

Truck Beds, Tailgates, and Stowage Systems

INEOS Composites has been a pioneer in the use of composite materials for high-volume pickup truck beds, boxes, gates, tonneau covers, stowage systems, trunks and frunks, and spare-tire wells. Arotran™ and Derakane™ resin systems are used in SMC formulations where large-part moldability, toughness (impact resistance), and dimensional stability are required. The Arotran™ 805 resin system is production-proven for weatherable, UV-stable, mold-in-color SMCs that eliminate paint and conceal scratches.


To support innovative cabin designs that save mass, costs, and packaging space, INEOS Composites’ resins are effective for seat frames, sun shades, package trays, load floors, IP-supports, and storage compartments.  Resin options include the Arotran™ 600 resin series for low-VOC low-odor SMCs.