Derakane Signia builds on our legacy polymer performance to deliver elevated results - less environmental impact, better quality and efficiency - all contained within an identifiable resin system.

Used in corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and coatings applications, Derakane™ resins are specified by engineers who need global consistency and proven performance. With high resistance to oxidizing acids, solvents and caustic, Derakane™ offers exceptional reliability, lower maintenance and extended service life.  Together with Derakane™, increase your confidence in the specification and reliability of corrosion-resistant FRP processing equipment.

Our thickenable Derakane™ 700 series resins are used in SMC/BMC transportation applications, where high-mechanical properties and/or heat-resistance is required.  Successful end-products include engine covers, oil pans, underbody heat/impact shields, pickup beds, battery enclosures, radiator supports, and engine cradles.