Commercial Trucks & Buses

Composite resin systems from INEOS enable commercial truck and bus OEMs to meet their challenging goals for product durability, aerodynamic designs, and cost-effectiveness.

Available for a variety of fabrication processes (HLU, RTM, infusion, LCM, SMC, pultrusion), INEOS Composites’ resins and gelcoats are well-suited for manufacturing large, strong, dimensionally-stable, mass-efficient applications, including:

Body & Cab Panels and Assemblies

Enguard™ gelcoats and Arotran™ and Aropol™ resin systems offer excellent moldabilty, superior surface appearance, and high strengths for a wide variety of large exterior body parts such as hoods, cab roofs, fenders, fender extensions, body sides, fairings, air deflectors, doors, and sleeper boxes. The composite applications allow for low-investment production tools, save 20-50% in mass (compared to sheet metal), and provide styling flexibility and superior rust- and ding/dent-resistance.

Structural, Chassis, and Powertrain Components

Arotran™ and Derakane™ resin systems can be utilized in structural applications that require high strengths, high stiffness, and durability in a range of operating conditions.  Typical tractor and bus applications include bumpers, body-structure reinforcements, subassembly supports, floors, diesel engine covers and oil pans, radiator and lighting carriers, and aero/heat shields. The INEOS resin systems are mass- and cost-effective, and can be utilized with glass, basalt, or carbon fibers.