Here is a brief history of our business purchases and achievements

  1. Project announces to replace ageing steam and power plant with a new energy plant (NEP)

     INEOS announces acquisition of the Forties Pipeline System from BP

  2. Restart of KG’s second manufacturing train following mothballing in 2008

    Commissioning of the ethane storage tank

    First Dragon ship delivery of US shale gas ethane

    O&P UK HQ opens (12 months after construction began)

  3. INEOS raises the roof on the ethane tank

    Agreement with Shell ExxonMobil to supply US shale gas ethane from Grangemouth to the Fife Ethylene Plant (FEP) in Mossmorran announced

    BAM Construction appointed

    INEOS Grangemouth awards contract to construct the new business HQ for the O&P UK business

  4. Piling works for the ethane tank commence

    Planning permission for ethane tank granted

    Go run for Fun first event in Scotland takes place close to the Grangemouth site

  5. Plans are announced to build an ethane terminal at Grangemouth

  6. INEOS O&P UK business is formed (out of O&P Europe) consisting of the O&P activities on the Grangemouth site and the Wilton liquefaction unit

  7. 5050.png

    INEOS’ refining business entered in a joint venture (50:50) with Petrochina. The new company, PetroIneos, owns and operates the refinery at Grangemouth

  8. BP sells INNOVENE to INEOS; the refinery installs a second sulphur recovery unit (SRU)

    Legal entity Innovene (O&D) formed by BP with a view to an IPO

  9. BP announces divestment of its Olefins and Derivative (O&D) business

  10. Second ethanol plant commissioned

  11. sitehalf.png

    Further expansion of the KG ethylene plant

  12. Polypropylene plant (PP3) commissioned

  13. Expansion of the KG ethylene plant

  14. Hydrofiner plant built in the refinery to produce ultra low sulphur fuel

  15. dumpertruck.png

    KG ethylene plant constructed

  16. Sulphur recovery unit constructed in the refinery

  17. pipes2.png

    Mossmorran to Grangemouth pipelines constructed

  18. Ethylene pipeline built

  19. GTU/Benzene plant commissioned

  20. First North Sea oil flowed to Grangemouth

  21. crane.png

    Refinery hydrocracker complex built

  22. First shipment of polyethylene from the site

  23. 1tonne.png

    Our pipeline from Finnart Ocean terminal on the west coast, capable of receiving larger tankers, first imported crude oil in 1951. First tonne of ethylene produced at Grangemouth

  24. First chemicals’ plant built to take advantage of feedstocks

  25. Major expansion of refinery

  26. Refinery shut-down during WW2

  27. sitehalf.png

    BP was persuaded by Scottish Oils to locate a refinery near Grangemouth rather than in North-East England Scottish Oils; a throughput of 360,000 tons per year

  28. Glasgow scientist Dr James “Paraffin” Young took out a patent for ‘treating bituminous coals to obtain paraffine therefrom’. The first oil works in the world were opened in Bathgate in 1851 producing oil from shale or coal.