INEOS response to incident 30 September

INEOS Statement to Incident 30 September

The safety performance of the Chemicals business at Grangemouth in 2014 has been exceptional to date. Yesterday’s incident was dealt with professionally and fully in accordance with our procedures. 

Safety has always been and will always remain our top priority.

Our incident management team and highly trained on-site emergency response teams were alerted to a butane gas leak from a small piece of equipment on the south side of the site.

Our safety response procedures worked well, and the on-site incident was resolved quickly and thoroughly.

At no point was there a requirement for local residents or school children to remain indoors.

As a precautionary measure we asked the local police for a short period to temporarily restrict access along the Bo'ness Road, which runs next to the perimeter of the site.

As part of our site procedure, a full investigation into the cause is already underway.

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