Supplying world-class customers based in Scotland and simplifying the local supply chain

Guala Closures UK is one of INEOS’ most local customers, receiving one of a range of grades of polypropylene manufactured at the Grangemouth site. The short distance between Grangemouth and Guala’s site enables a simply supply chain; reducing emissions associated with transporting the raw materials and contributing more fully to the Scottish economy.

Guala Closures UK uses INEOS’s polypropylene primarily in the manufacture of bottle top closures (below right) for the fast growing Scotch whisky sector *

Annabel Harris, UK Sales Manager for INEOS says, “Keeping it local means that we are reducing the CO2 emissions that you would associate with more complex supply chains and import of raw materials from elsewhere. We are keen to support Guala in bringing sustainable solutions with our range of high quality polymers to what is a growing market for bottled exports of Scotland’s traditional drink.”

A spokesperson from Guala Closures UK notes, “We are very impressed with the quality of polymers from INEOS as well as their technical and after sales support. Having a local Scottish supplier of polypropylene from which to manufacture our closures ensures security of supply and underpins our long-term plans to develop more sustainable products for our world renowned customers.”

The carbon savings associated with this very local supply chain is a small but important part of INEOS Grangemouth’s well-established Net Zero Roadmap. These small simple steps to help reduce emissions associated with our manufacturing and sales operations will contribute towards our target of a more sustainable future. Our products are supporting a wealth of other businesses and sectors in the UK and beyond to reduce their carbon footprints.

*According to the Scotch Whisky Association, in 2022, the value of Scotch Whisky exports was up 37% by value, to £6.2bn. The number of 70cl bottles exported also grew by 21% to the equivalent of 1.67bn. 

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