Markets & Applications

Our experience in electrolysis and electrolyser design for a number of applications gives us a deep understanding of the issues and challenges our customers face every day.

Chlor-alkali Production Technology

Because we have first-hand knowledge of what being an electrolysis operator involves, we know what other operators need from our technology. Our BICHLOR membrane electrolysers are installed in over 30 countries around the world, producing thousands of tonnes of chlorine and caustic soda per year. We’re dedicated to helping our customers achieve greater efficiencies and lower costs.


  • Industrial chlorine derivatives
  • Caustic soda and potash
  • Pulp and paper bleaching
  • Hypochlorite (bleach)
  • General water treatment

Cellroom Conversion

Mercury cellrooms require high levels of ongoing operational and maintenance investment, and demand strict measures to prevent environmental contamination.

Converting a mercury or diaphragm cellroom to a BICHLOR membrane electrolyser reduces power requirements per tonne of chlorine and eliminates the use of mercury and the additional need for processes to remove it from the caustic soda and hydrogen. Additionally our modular BICHLOR design produces higher quality NaOH, is easier to maintain and features a smaller footprint (or can enable greater production volumes using the same factory area). We have many years’ of experience in converting chlor-alkali cellrooms to the latest in membrane electrolysis technology, contact us to learn more.

Electrode recoating and refurbishment

Manufactured in our modern electrode coatings plants, INEOS offers a range of world leading proprietary titanium and nickel anode and cathode coatings under the brand name CHLORCOAT™ to satisfy the demands of today's chlor-alkali industry. CHLORCOAT coatings are available for membrane, mercury and diaphragm cells. We also offer a range of CHLORCOAT coatings for non-chlor-alkali applications (such as sodium chlorate production) and extensive refurbishment facilities to re-life and repair many brands of used titanium, nickel and stainless steel electrodes, for the highest operating efficiency and production peace of mind.