Electrode Coatings & Refurbishment

We offer our own CHLORCOAT™ anode & cathode electrode coatings and module refurbishment service for all designs of electrolyser technology.

Four key elements to our offering


Long lasting and high performance anode & cathode coatings

Our CHLORCOAT™ high performance coatings are proven to maximise membrane electrolyser performance with industry leading warranties.


First Class Refurbishment For All Electrolyser Types

A one-stop operation for fast and efficient module refurbishment, repairs and re-coating of any electrolyser design.


Extensive Knowledge & Experience Of The Electrolysis Process

We’ve been continually developing electrolysers and electrode coatings for over 35 years, and we also operate our own electrolysis plants.


Excellent Quality Standards, Logistics & Production Planning

Our first-class processes are managed to both ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015, demonstrating our commitment to the highest quality.

Our Electrode Coatings & Refurbishment Offering

Electrode Coatings & Refurbishment

Electrode Coatings

CHLORCOAT™ Anode & Cathode Coatings For All Membrane Cell Electrolyser Technologies

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