Grangemouth Survival Plan - latest statement

The 'Survival Plan' for Grangemouth is necessary to secure £300 million investment and the long term future of the site. This will help to provide skilled jobs for many years to come.

Since the announcement of the ‘Survival Plan’ on 29 September we have been very clear with our employees and the media about the need for change at the site and our plan for the future.

As part of this plan we have said that three old plants have reached the end of their useful life and will be closed: Benzene at some point next year with the G4 naphtha cracker and Butadiene plant later in 2015.

As these old, end of life plants close, it is expected that the expansion of modern efficient plant at the site, made possible by new investment, will generate new long term opportunities. As a consequence of this we expect any net reduction in roles to be minimal.

The new £300 million investment into the Grangemouth petrochemicals site secures over 1400 skilled, well paid roles for many years to come. There is no reduction in salaries proposed; operators continue to earn twice the national average in Scotland and have a first class defined contribution pension scheme.

INEOS is currently recruiting employees and expanding its apprenticeship scheme at the Grangemouth site.  


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